Требуется Chemist-technologist(код msns13281)

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Описание вакансии

Должностные обязанности

Start up of the new production at the Russian Market. We need a real expert in polyurethane/epoxy coatings to join the professional team in Russia. You will be responsible for the new products development and launching. You will work close with the other production teams and Sales Teams. You will be supported by the other R&D teams of the Company. You will be provided the best solutions and equipment for the labortory and the most innovative production. You will constantly search for the market trends, new areas of development, new requests from the clients, you will participate into the best Market events and search for the newest ideas of the international competitorsand scientific society. You will be totally supported by the General Manager of the business unit and you will have all the tools and freedom to create more and grow professionally. This is the unique opportunity to join such an amitious project at the very beggining while the Market is struggling some difficulties and many competitors are trying to survive but not to increase market share or to make somthing new.

Требования к квалификации

You will be a great match for this role if you have: -more than 5 years experience of work within R&D teams at the roles of chemist/technologist/R&D leaders, etc. - experience of work with some of the following products: protective coatings, materials for the industrial flooring, damp proof injection materials, fire protection, germetics. -experience of work with polyurethane/epoxy coatings -experience of new products development and implementation, knowledge in formulating technique, experience of formulation, knowledge of formulae, formula modification, experience of implementation of the products. - wish to develop within R&D, wish to create something new.

Условия работы и компенсации

One of the leaders of the Chemicals and Construction Materials Markets

Опубликована 29.12.2014. Актуальна до 31.12.2014.

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